How Our Campuses Came to Be

Evangelist and author Rev. David Wilkerson of “The Cross and the Switchblade” fame was instrumental in helping Brother Benton open our first campus. In Garrison NY. Directly across the river from the West Point Military Academy. A stately Tudor mansion nestled on top of a  beautiful hill. The estate complete with waterfalls, a babbling brook with stone bridges that cross over and vast bucolic open lawns on rolling hills.

Fifty years ago Brother Wilkerson, his brother Don and Brother B. Met at the waterfall and bowed their heads, “Lord give us this property, Amen!” was the short-and-to-the-point prayer that started it all. That’s it! Benton was then introduced to Mr. Walter Hoving proprietor of Tiffany Jewelers in New York City. Mr. Hoving then, in turn, introduced Benton to the Jones Foundation which provided for the purchase of the estate.

In the early 1980’s the Lord put it on the Bentons’ heart to plant a Hoving Home right in the middle of the theater district in Pasadena CA. Just a few doors down from the famed “Pasadena Playhouse.” The old Mira Monte Hotel built in the 1920’s was a well known high-end hotel catering to an upper-class clientele. However, the years took its toll and when the Benton’s discovered this diamond in the rough. It was inhabited by homeless drug attics and prostitutes.

Many times Mom B. Would drive by the hotel and pray “Lord give us this hotel.” The Lord was faithful and answered her prayer and today the hotel is a beautiful recovery center with a classic hotel feel.

Our Las Vegas Home was next on the radar and the Lord allowed us to purchase a large home on a peaceful cul-de-sac off the Vegas strip, which boasts a large swimming pool to help with the overbearing heat of the desert. The pool also serves as a baptismal where most of the women who pass through our doors follow the Lord’s command to follow Him in the waters of baptism. The home has a large backyard and plenty of places to pray and read God’s word, all surrounded by large palm trees for shade.

By the time the Lord orchestrated the purchase of a pristine move-in-ready campground in Oxford New Jersey (less than two hours from the NY Home). Brother B. had stepped into the role of Founder Emeritus. Rev. Beth Greco was selected by Brother B. And the Hoving Home Board to be his successor as CEO/president.

Through a set of extraordinary circumstances, Beth was told of a property in the beautiful countryside in western NJ. The very day she went to look at the property, the Lord gave her the confirmation that the Home should purchase the camp to minister to even more woman in need.

The campground boasts a large gym, pond, and waterfalls complete with a family of white ducks and plenty of room to expand the ministry. The Spirit of the living God can be felt at all four of our locations. Please schedule a visit today to feel His presence and meet our team.

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