What is the Walter Hoving Home?

The Walter Hoving Home is a nonprofit, residential discipleship home for Ladies with life-controlling problems such as drug addiction, alcoholism, prostitution and court cases.

Where is it located?

There are three Homes. One is located in Garrison, New York, 45 miles north of New York City. The second one is in the historic Playhouse district of Pasadena, California. The third is in the city of Las Vegas. The fourth is in Oxford, New Jersey.

What do you do at the Walter Hoving Home?

Our program is geared to rebuilding the lives of women in an atmosphere of warmth, trust, support and love. We teach them a new way to live with a biblical foundation. They deal with the issues in their lives such as anger, bitterness, low self-esteem that has caused them to live destructive lifestyles. Another component is the Career Readiness program where we help them establish a healthy work ethic and prepare them for the employment.

How long is the program?

We offer a 6 or 12 month program in NY and CA. The 12 month program is offered in Las Vegas. In New Jersey, the first ½ of the 12 month program is done here then most students will transfer to NY location for Career training.

How long have you been here?

We started the Home in New York in 1967, expanded to Pasadena, California in 1984 and to Las Vegas in 2006. We opened in New Jersey in April 2017.

How many people work with you?

We have numerous staff in all our locations. And the Ladies in the program are very much involved in all activities of the Home – including cooking, office, maintenance, Learning Center – and we all work together as a team.

What church does the Walter Hoving Home belong to?

We work with people from all church denominations.

How is the Walter Hoving Home financed?

Donations are received from many sources – including individuals, churches, corporations, and foundations. Each year we hold special events such as a Walkathon, Phonathon, Banquet, Fashion Show, Golf Tournament, etc. Also we require a $500 entrance fee from the Ladies plus $500 support each month. The cost of helping a Lady is approximately $1800 a month. Each lady is assessed individually and we work with those who are unable to pay.

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