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Kelsey grew up in what seemed from the outside to be a perfect middle-class family. What most people could not see was how dysfunctional and chaotic the household was. Her parents were physically and emotionally abusive. Her father abandoned the family when she was just 10. Because her mom was an alcoholic and emotionally unstable, Kelsey had to fend for herself. By the age of 11 not only was she drinking along with her mother, but she was also raped by five men who rented rooms in the family home. Her mother was so intoxicated at the time, she walked into the room where Kelsey was being abused and walked right out without saying a word.

The traumatic events she experienced ultimately led her to a heroin and meth addiction. Despite her addiction, she got married after high school, had three beautiful daughters, and was taking care of her grandmother. When her grandmother passed away, the only sense of stability she had left imploded. She suffered a mental breakdown that led to multiple stays in psychiatric hospitals, involvement in prostitution, and homelessness as she fell deeper into addiction. Shortly after, she left her husband and children.

Her breaking point was when she was lying on a motel bathroom floor, naked, bloody with a shotgun to her head and a knife to her throat. She had no hope and nowhere to turn. By the grace of God, she was able to flee from this perilous situation. She then called the Walter Hoving Home!

After coming to the home, Kelsey stated, “Now I found healing and have a brand new beginning to life I never knew existed!” Kelsey has restoration with her family including her husband and three beautiful daughters who had been substantially affected by her drug use for so long. They have become a family again. She didn’t know the Lord before coming to the home, but now she has a wonderful relationship with God!

Kelsey completed the program in April and today she works in full-time ministry at her church. She is now the wife and the mother she always knew she could be. In the future she wants to open a non-profit that helps women who are trapped in sex trafficking. Kelsey has a new lease on life!