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Terasina Hanna

Intake Coordinator
New Jersey Leadership

My name is Terasina, I’m 39 years old from Buena Park, Ca. I’m the only child of two alcoholic parents who divorced when I was eight. Both my parents began new relationships witch eventually pushed me out the way. Forced to live with friends then the streets, I found acceptance in street gangs. I was introduced to meth and PCP and immediately was addicted. I was the one who would do whatever they wanted because I desired their respect and acceptance. I was full of hatred, so I became the perfect candidate.

This lifestyle led me down a destructive path of gang violence, suicide attempts, incarceration, mental hospitals, depression and loss of identity. Between times of sobriety I had my children but always feel back into my destructive lifestyle and was not only hurting myself but dragging my children through it with me. I lost custody of my daughter when she was 1 years old because I was the victim of a drive by shooting, and now I had another excuse to continue my lifestyle. I had my son at 20 and desired to change my life but I tried to do it myself and slipped rite back in the mud.

I continued a life of meth addiction, crime, toxic relationships, programs, but nothing seemed to change. I was in and out of jail so my son was removed from me and upon my release I overdosed on meth and PCP which didn’t faze me because I began getting high the next morning. My life was out of control and I would go in and out of programs and hear about God, His Love and mercy, but never thought He could help me in my problems.

I began to settle for life just as it was but God had other plans. I was arrested again and began to feel drawn to church. I remembered the Walter Hoving Home and I did an intake on my release date and walked through the doors open to anything. I was home. I felt love and acceptance the things I so eagerly desired all my life. I have been surrounded by a ministry of people who daily show me the love of Christ and constantly direct, lead and point me to Christ.

I completed the program on February 18, 2017 and began a new journey in the Internship program. I have been given a chance of a lifetime. I am proud to be part of a ministry that is transforming the lives and families of broken women and teaching them the love of Christ. I now know God was working all things together for His good, His purpose.

Get to Know Terasina

What is favorite scripture?

Hebrews 11: 6

What book on my nightstand?

NKJV Study Bible

What is one of your favorite memories at the WHH?

Giving my testimony at Orange County Jail Banquet.

What is your favorite Food?

Over easy eggs, with or on anything.

What makes me laugh?

Animals, I love them; any kind, I’m not picky.